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Lots of uses for a sarong when you are hiking

Oct 13, 12:41 PM by Editor

A towel. Sarongs are light and dry fast. It’s hard to justify the weight of a towel and I have never been a big fan of tiny microfiber ones. If my sarong is wet I thread it through some rings on the back of my pack while I walk and it dries fast.

Change room. Getting changed in a hiking tent is a nightmare; most are only a metre tall which makes it hard. If you are somewhere secluded it wouldn’t be an issue but there are times when you can’t just strip off outside.

Clothing. A sarong is a great spare piece of clothing for around the campsite. As a woman it can be worn in so many different ways (top, skirt, dress) it is handy for all sorts of travel and I know men who love to wear them too.

Shade. Whilst having lunch at a lake without many shade trees my daughter made a little teepee / tent out of her sarong and some sticks so she could get out of the sun. It is also great to drape over yourself for sun protection.

Clothesline. After washing some underwear I threaded them on my sarong and looped it on my pack so they dried while I walked.

Pot holder and tea towel.

Bag. You can carry stuff in a sarong, for example water bottles when you go to fill them up.

Padding under pack straps. My daughter used hers a lot to pad the places her backpack was causing problems.

Pillow case. I use my dry bag of clothes for a pillow but the plastic feel isn’t nice to sleep on so I wrap it in my sarong.

Mat for sitting or lying on.

Sheet. A sarong makes an ok sheet for when it is hot.

Shawl. As I didn’t take a jumper on our trip I used my sarong a lot to keep warm at night.

Sling. We didn’t need to use it for first aid but I am sure it could be handy if needed for a few first aid emergencies.

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